FFVCL Encoder 4.6 and Player 4.6 Released

2012.03.18 FFVCL Encoder & Player 4.6

* new helper class TCircularBuffer and TCircularBufferStream
* update to FFmpeg 0.10 which is not compatible with 0.9.x

* fix a memory leak issue
* fix a potential issue in join mode

* new property QueueSize
* new property UseAudioPosition
* remove property frame_pix_fmt
* readonly property FrameWidth and FrameHeight

* new NetworkConverter demo (EventStreamAdapter + CircularBufferStream)
* new NetworkPlayer demo (EventStreamAdapter + CircularBufferStream)

* FFmpeg DLLs built base on official ffmpeg 0.10
* This version is NOT compatible with previous FFmpeg DLLs.

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