FFVCL Encoder 5.0 and Player 5.0 Released

2012.12.21 FFVCL Encoder & Player 5.0

* update to FFmpeg 1.0.1
* new GDICapture as integrated successor of ScreenCapture and WaveCapture
* rename component EventStreamAdapter to MemoryAccessAdapter
* rename unit StreamProtocol to MemoryProtocol
* more minor improvements and some bug fix

* change members of TVideoStreamInfo: rename AspectRatio to DisplayAspectRatio, add SampleAspectRatio, SAR and DAR

* new property InputCount[TaskIndex: Integer]: Integer read GetInputCount

* new method DefaultOptions() for batch parsing options like multiple calls of opt_default()

* FFmpeg DLLs built base on official ffmpeg 1.0.1
* This version is NOT compatible with previous FFmpeg DLLs.

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