FFVCL Encoder 3.8 and Player 2.8 released

FFVCL – Delphi FFmpeg VCL Components

2011.01.22 Encoder 3.8 & Player 2.8

* support adjust brightness and contrast
* support adjust hue and saturation

* support multiple encoding tasks without any thread locking error
* several minor improvements

* new property Deinterlace
* new properties CheckIOEOF and CheckIOERR
* new properties AutoAdjustFrameRate and ForceFrameRate
* new event OnBeforeFindStreamInfo
* several minor improvements

* new Video2Gif demo
* new OutputFormat demo
* new DecoderWaveInputEncoder demo
* improve Player demo
* improve Pictures2Video demo

* FFmpeg DLLs built base on official ffmpeg svn-r26400
* This version is NOT compatible with previous FFmpeg DLLs.

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