FFVCL Converter 3.1 and Player 2.0 released

FFVCL – Delphi FFmpeg VCL Components

2010.02.10 Converter 3.1 & Player 2.0

* new methods: DecodeNextKeyFrame(), DecodePreviousFrame(), DecodePreviousKeyFrame()

* fix incorrect fps information in join mode
* fix VideoHook frame picture twinkling
* other minor improvements and bug fixed

* published property AudioDriver and VideoDriver
* support DirectDraw video driver: smoothing/antialising available
* support display seeking result when paused
* new property Paused
* new property PlayState
* new parameter APaused of Open() method
* improve multithreading stability
* avoid seeking cause incorrect long delay
* other minor improvements and bug fixed

* use Windows msvcrt.dll instead of myutil.dll
* FFmpeg DLLs built base on official ffmpeg svn-r21650 (keep video hooks)
* Because of FFmpeg update, this version is not compatible with previous FFmpeg DLLs.

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